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The Beast Within by DraculeaRiccy

At a minimum, this is a beautiful picture. You've got a lot of talent, which I think is strongly shown in this image.

The black background (to me) portrays the characters inner darkness - he's a monster. I love how, although you've just used a simple box boarder, his hair comes out of it, for me, it says that he has no limits and I love the effect that this gives to the overall image.

Your use of crosshatching really gives a good texture to his skin, whilst also giving it the shape and shading to make him look realistic. I find this most prominent around his eye, which you've made compleatly black with a little bit of shine - it makes me wonder at the light source, perhaps the moon?

Another part of this image that I just can't seem to tear my eyes away from is his ear. I just love the shape there. And I think you've captured Dracula perfectly; he's clearly a monster, but there's some sort of twisted beauty that you've portrayed which really makes this image striking.

I love this. Well done :)
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DraculeaRiccy Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Professional
thank you! I wasn't sure about the black square, but I'm glad you like it :)
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